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Indulge in a world recognised treatment at Reef House Spa
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Reef House Spa is a true spa experience in surroundings so unique they are world heritage listed.
Experience Australia's most award winning spa, hidden within the tropical gardens of Reef House Resort Palm Cove.

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Treatments available include:



  • 90 mins $248
  • 120 mins $295

Experience the powerful energy of the Daintree Naturals locally sourced, hand crafted & poured clays & oils in this amazing spa ritual. Let us take you on a million year old journey when you experience the purifying ‘smudge pot’ Daintree Ochres, Black ash clays, smoked Paperbark oil, Kakadu or Wattle seed salts. This ancient ritual will rejuvenate the spirit, mind & body with a cleansing body buff, a warmed clay wrap, head & hair masque with hot towels then slowly unwind to the rainforest waterfall under the warm Vichy shower. Complete your ritual to the beat of the Daintree drums with your aromatic massage.

Mala Mayi

  • 90 mins $252
  • 120 mins $298

This uniquely Australian spa ritual from LI’TYA has been lauded by the international media & acclaimed globally.
Celebrate with this complete full body rejuvenation experience. Cleanse, energise & exfoliate then calm & revitalise the spirit cocooned in warm Mapi mud whilst you submit to a mind melting Quandong head massage. Follow all this with our exquisite ‘rain therapy’ then surrender your body & soul to the rhythms of wonderful Kodo body massage.

The Dreaming

  • 180 mins $425

Bask in the luxury of one of LI’TYA’s finest rituals. Celebrate with this three-hour one on one spa journey. Connect to your inner self. The Dreaming combines deeply therapeutic modalities with a healing approach. The journey includes the soothing Jina Foot session, full body buff & polish, mud wrap, exquisite Paudi scalp massage with masque, rain therapy shower, Kodo body massage, Mirri facial, & nurturing hand treatments. Indulge in the power of renewal, this is your Dreamtime. Served with tropical juice & a spa gift.

Gubbera Kodo Stones

  • 60 mins $165
  • 90 mins $265 (includes River Spirit)

These primordial stones from the deserts of Northern Australia offer powerful healing properties. The magical hot rocks will achieve both physical & emotional balance when skilfully integrated into the rhythmic Kodo massage inspired by Aboriginal techniques. Experience this special LI’TYA magic.

Daintree Salts, Stones & Clay

  • 90 min $240

A complete body rejuvenation ritual using hot & chilled stone tools. Surrender yourself to a body, head, hands, feet & face restoration & revitalisation. Include a head to toe Wattle seed salt exfoliation, Black Ash clay detox body cocoon with a face & head massage….Then wash away the outside world under a tropical rain shower spritz. Balance energy levels with feelings of joy & serenity.

exfoliations, bodywraps & vichy shower rituals

River Spirit

  • 30 mins $112

Immerse yourself in the magic sensation of a river waterfall. First we energise with a full body exfoliation of smoked Blue Gum oils & Pepper Berry salts. Invigorating techniques stimulate the body & restore vitality to the spirit. Then experience our waterfall under the Vichy. This ancient therapy will leave you at one with the world

Coconut Ocean Wave

  • 60 mins $168

Experience the wondrous Vichy shower ‘ocean wave’ at the completion of this full body exfoliation, cream coconut wrap, fabulous face & scalp massage. An amazing spa ritual performed using botanics from our tropical climates & the surrounding seas.

Rainforest River Stones

  • 60 mins $170

This ancient ritual offers a unique total body bliss experience. Using Forest mint essential oil blend, enjoy an invigorating Pepper berry salt exfoliation & Vichy shower blitz. Includes a head masque & facial massage. We then restore the body’s calm & balance with the placement of chilled river stones over the meridian lines.

Black Ash Middle Earth

  • 60 mins $165

Indulge in our aromatic Quandong salt exfoliation & detoxifying Black Ash Clay body wrap. Then surrender to a fabulous mini face & shoulder massage. To complete your Middle Earth journey we will restore vitality under the rhythm of the Vichy shower jets.

Especially for Him (or her)

  • 90 mins $240

Choose any one of our aroma therapeutic massages utilising sports massage techniques & combining the ultimate ‘rain therapy’ with a lime & ginger salt exfoliation. Be re-balanced, re-energised & rejuvenated.


Mirri Facial

  • 30 mins $95
  • 45 mins $115

A beautiful introduction to LI’TYA, especially tailor made to refresh, revitalise & regenerate. The perfect accompaniment to all of the body treatments.


  • 60 mins $140

For a deep purification treatment – LI’TYA’S native herbal remedies will eliminate toxins, rejuvenate, hydrate & nourish the skin.

Time for Him

  • 45 mins $115

“same again Sam” – an introduction to Facials with the emphasis on a deeper &more firm application of facial massage techniques.

Paudi Head Masque & Massage

  • 30 mins $95

Surrender your senses to LI’TYA’s ancient Aboriginal head massage techniques. Incorporating warmed Quandong masque – extract of the native peach. Incorporates the neck & shoulders. This is an amazing –mind melting experience.

Miji Jina Foot Treatment

  • 45 mins $115

A very nurturing experience – from Biblical times: “cleansing of the strangers feet” Soothe & soak away tensions with LI’TYA’s euphoric, grounding experience using the gentle art of pressure point & reflex foot massage – rejuvenating to the whole body.

Paloma Hand Treatment

  • 45 min $115

A beautiful deeply therapeutic & caring treatment from LI’TYA designed to soothe, strengthen & uplift the spirit. Repairs, strengthens, restores & stimulates: nails, hands, skin & joints.



  • 45 mins $110
  • 60 mins $138
  • 90 mins $190

With the basic Swedish strokes of effleurage, petrissage, friction tapotment & vibration help relieve stress & enjoy greater wellbeing.


  • 45 mins $112
  • 60 mins $140
  • 90 mins $195

LI’TYA’s signature massage. Using ancient Aboriginal techniques which will tone, re-align energy flow & totally re-harmonise the mind, body & spirit.


  • 60 mins $145
  • 90 mins $195

A firmer therapeutic massage that uses techniques to relieve tension within muscles, tendons & ligaments. Personalised to your needs.

Pregnancy (post 1st trimester)

  • 60 mins $144

Our specially formulated LI’TYA pregnancy oil blend of Macadamia & Camellia oils & the comfort of our ‘pre natal pillow’ will ensure your wellbeing with a beautiful gentle nurturing treatment.

Create your very own ‘spa journey’ with the addition of one of our wonderful therapeutic spa baths

  • 30 mins $70 or $110 for two

Bush Lime & Ginger spa bath
Sea salts have been blended with ground ginger & dried bush limes to create an amazing uplifting, de-stress soak whilst at the same time acting as a cleanser & detoxifier.

Aniseed Myrtle & Native Forest Mint spa bath
Crushed Aniseed Myrtle leaves, sea salts & native forest essential oils will ground, nurture & protect the soul while stimulating circulation, ease tired muscles & remineralise. An aromatic ‘pop’.

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