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Our Favourite Ways to Relax in Palm Cove

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Hidden away along the Coral Sea coastline, Palm Cove is a secluded strip of paradise that makes the perfect holiday destination, no matter the style of holiday you’re after.

From the outside, this pristine village looks like the ideal home of tranquility and relaxation, which it most certainly is, and we’ll tell you more about that in a moment. However, Palm Cove’s location, nestled between two of the most incredible natural wonders in the world – the Wet Tropics Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef – means this part of Tropical North Queensland can offer its visitors a huge range of adventures and experiences that many other parts of the world cannot even come close to competing with.

You can have once in a lifetime experiences where you can explore the nature and wildlife of these areas either up close and personal or from afar. You can take in the views of the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforests from your seat in a helicopter, or you can sail those crystal blue waters to reach exclusive sand cays where you can immerse yourself in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The opportunities are endless and unlike anything else. Discover some of these experiences for yourself.

And while Palm Cove is the perfect place to base yourself for any of these experiences, it is also the best place to surrender to self-care and indulge in relaxation. Whether you have planned your holiday to be purely about your relaxation and rejuvenation, or you’re looking for post adventure relaxation, when you’re in Palm Cove, you’re already on your way to experiencing complete bliss.

The air of serenity and calm of Palm Cove induces an instant sense of relaxation, and while just being here you can feel it, we thought it might be best to tell you some of our favourite ways to harness this calming allure so you can experience the utmost depths of relaxation for yourself when you visit Palm Cove.

Discover the village at your own pace

A unique mix of sophistication, elegance, and laid-back charm, Palm Cove is the epitome of a tropical seaside village. The village is only moments from the beach, where you can gaze out to the waters of the Coral Sea, under the shade of the palm trees that line the water’s edge.

And while we could talk endlessly about the beauty of the beach, we want to talk about the Palm Cove village which truly spoils you for choice when it comes to dining, shopping, and leisure activities.

Retail therapy can well and truly be indulged upon in Palm Cove.  You can spend hours browsing the local boutiques where you can shop for gifts, resort wear, and any holiday essentials. You can take in the culturally rich art of the local galleries, and learn about the area through the art. Or you can be pampered to your heart’s content at a local beauty salon.

An abundance of sophisticated and award-winning dining options are at home on the divine esplanade. This part of the world has drawn in the expertise of chefs from around the world, and when you’re here, you’ll understand why. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can experience the local fare in a breathtaking setting.

The village is easily accessible from all Palm Cove accommodation, and the perfectly flat landscape makes it great for exploring by foot. A gentle walk may turn into hours of meandering, but that’s not a bad thing in Palm Cove.

Dine on the deck with unbeatable views

We mentioned that Palm Cove has attracted many incredible chefs to the area, and it has made this part of Queensland hard to beat when it comes to food.  And while you can’t really go wrong when it comes to dining in Palm Cove, one of our favourite ways to experience a meal here is at the Reef House restaurant.

Open to the public for lunch and dinner, the Reef House restaurant is the destination for long meals where you can experience incredible cuisine, with equally as incredible views. You can choose intimate poolside dining, or our personal favourite, dining on the restaurant’s deck. The gentle sea breeze will caress you, while you sit beneath the canopy of the palms trees and Melaleucas that surround the property.

Gorgeous at any time of the day, the evening is our favourite time. Watch as day turns into night, while you get to taste the local fresh produce, and enjoy a glass or several from the wine list with the help of the in-house sommelier. There is nothing quite like a candlelit dinner, especially when that candle lit dinner is at the Reef House Restaurant.

Salute the sun

Relaxation can mean different things to everyone, and for some, getting moving in the morning can be the perfect way to get your day started.

Waking up early in paradise is certainly a lot easier than it is at home, even if it is for exercising. And if you’re a guest at the Reef House, they have a plethora of complimentary activities that you can partake in to get your blood pumping each morning.

Beach yoga is one of our favourite ways to get moving. Offered several times each week, you can wake up and salute the sun on the soft sands, under the shade of the palm trees that were instrumental in the naming of Palm Cove.  Or if you’re after something slightly slower paced, the indoor Stretch & Breathe Yoga sessions are ideal.

You can also start your day with a morning swim in one of the two pools at the Reef House, or you can try your hand at aqua aerobics. It doesn’t matter your skill level, each of these complimentary activities is welcoming to all.

And if prefer to do your own thing, the Reef House offers its guests use of fishing rods and vintage cruiser bicycles. Try your hand at reeling in a catch with the local fisherman or explore the village by bicycle. Like we said before Palm Cove is perfectly flat, which makes it cycling a dream.

You can view the activities the Reef House has available to guests here.

Day spa indulgence

Well, nothing quite says relaxation in the same way as a spa day.  And when you’re in Palm Cove, you are in what is considered to be the Day Spa capital of Australia. And this is for very good reason. The village offers numerous day spas, both at major accommodation facilities as well as independently. However, for the ultimate in luxurious relaxation, you cannot go past the Reef House Day Spa.

More than a day spa, the Reef House Spa is a destination that sees people travel far and wide to indulge in the luxury that it can exclusively offer. The Spa’s Director, Isabelle, and her team have created a treatment menu that can be tailored to meet the needs of every single person who visits the spa.

Many of the treatments involve the use of Phytomer skin care products, with the Reef House Spa being the only day spa in all of Queensland to offer Phytomer treatments. What sets Phytomer apart from many other skin care brands is the focus on natural ingredients that have been ethically sourced using marine biotechnology, using powerful and natural marine ingredients that are gentle and effective.

The treatments available range from massages, exfoliations, pedicures, manicures, facials and many others.  Whether you’re planning one treatment, or your entire escape is centred around spa treatments, the Reef House Spa can work with you to create a treatment menu just for you. View the current Reef House Spa offers available here.

Sunset strolls

If we’re talking about a beach front, palm tree lined village, of course we must mention the magic of a sunset stroll.

Gentle rolling waters provide a calming soundtrack, soft tropical breezes carry the fresh sea air and mother nature puts on the display of a lifetime with the sun dramatically setting over the waters of the Coral Sea, out on the horizon.

Sunsets are special anywhere, but in the setting of Palm Cove, while you take a gentle stroll along the esplanade, it’s an experience unlike any other. Watch as the incredible colours of the sunset spill over onto the crystal blue waters in front of you. The day may be ending but your journey to relaxation is only just beginning.


Blessed with location, lifestyle and ambience, Palm Cove is like no other place in the world, especially when it comes to luxurious relaxation. Whether you need slow down after a day of adventures, or you’re escaping your everyday hectic lifestyle, Palm Cove is where you can experience relaxation and serenity at it’s best.


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