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Romantic Activities & Experiences in Tropical North Queensland

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Some places are just made for romance – Paris, the Amalfi Coast in Italy and Bora Bora are some destinations that spring to mind.  But you don’t need to travel that far, nor do you need a passport for your next romantic escape.

You see in Australia, we’re spoiled with truly luscious landscapes, incredible natural attractions, and more places to explore than you can imagine. There is no place better in this country to experience all of this than Tropical North Queensland.

So, if you’re looking for more than just your stock standard weekend getaway with your loved one, we’ve put together a list of some of the most incredible, luxurious, and of course, romantic experiences you can have in Tropical North Queensland.


Watching the Sunset While You Sail the Coral Sea

We’ve all seen a sunset or two in our lifetimes, and each one has this powerful ability to cast a spell over us. We’re mesmerised as the sun makes it way down to the horizon, spreading warmth and creating unique colour combinations each day.  But you haven’t experienced the power of a sunset unless you’ve seen one in the Sunshine State.

With clear skies almost every day, and a coastline that has the beautiful Coral Sea lapping against it, the colours and views a sunset in this part of the world creates is incredible. Now, imagine experiencing this onboard a first-class sailing catamaran.

You can experience nature’s nightly display while you sail the waters of the Coral Sea in a catamaran. Watch how the sun bounces off the waters around you, and marvel at the unique landscape of the coast of Port Douglas. Relaxing music sets the scene, while you enjoy the tranquility created by the tropical sunset with canapes and drinks.

You set sail with the Sailaway Port Douglas team late afternoon and take to the seas for around an hour and a half. It’s the perfect way to begin what promises to be a romantic evening.

Discover more about Sailaway’s Sunset sailing adventures here.


Day Trip to a Tropical Island

Imagine the thrill of whisking you and your partner away to a tropical island for the day. Well, in this part of the world, you don’t have to imagine it, it’s easy to experience it for yourself.

Tropical North Queensland is home to more than 900 tropical islands, some of which are inhabited, while others remain almost untouched.

You can visit the tropical islands through a variety of tour options, however, our pick for a tropical to island to visit would have to be Fitzroy Island.

You’ve probably heard the saying, from the rainforest to the reef, and Fitzroy Island is one of the best examples of this.  Made up of 97% National Park, Fitzroy Island is a diverse island that can easily be explored by foot.

Take a walk on one of the several walking trails, one of which leads to the Summit, where you can overlook the waters that house the Great Barrier Reef below. Or you can take a shorter trail that will lead you to the beach that was named as Australia’s best in 2018 – Nudey Beach.

A white coral beach, Nudey beach is slightly secluded, and the perfect way you to spend the day with your loved one. You can relax and watch the world pass you by, or if you aren’t afraid of getting wet, you can take in the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral gardens that are only metres from the shore.

Fitzroy Island is home to many water-based activities such as snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding and sea-kayaking to name a few. And these combined with the many different areas to explore, makes Fitzroy Island the perfect destination for the adventurous active couple.

Learn more about how you can experience this tropical island getaway here.


A Bird’s Eye View of the Great Barrier Reef

There are many ways to experience the Great Barrier Reef, but have you thought about a scenic flight aboard a helicopter as one of the ways you can see experience the glory of the Reef? This is a unique journey that should be experienced with the person most important to you.

We’ve all got an idea of just how large the Great Barrier Reef is but seeing its coral reef system unfold before your eyes as you take it in from above really gives you a true idea of not only the size, but how truly magnificent the Reef is.

Spanning more than 340,000 square kilometres, the reef is made up of over 2,900 individual reefs and is home to a hugely diverse range of marine wildlife, including over 1500 different species of fish.

As you make your way above, you can see how unique each part of the reef system is, with sand cays, islands and coral creating new formations each vastly different from one another. Watch as the sun shimmers on the water below and see different shades of blue and green that you never even knew existed.

This magical experience takes off from Cairns Heliport and is a once in a lifetime experience that was made to enjoy with those that are closest to you. To find out more information click here.


Explore the Reef From a Sand Cay

We’ve talked about experiencing the Reef a couple of times now, but it’s for good measure.  You simply cannot go to this part of the world without catching a glimpse of the Reef in one way or another.

For those who want to be close to the action and be able to immerse themselves in the Reef can do so by venturing to one of the many sand cays that form part of the reef system. For those who are not familiar with sand cays, they are low sandy islands that are found on the surface of coral reefs. They are formed when drifting sediment rests on a reef and are usually quite small in size, however, they give you incredible access to the waters surrounding them.

One of the best ways you can experience the majesty of a sand cay is by taking a tour with Sailaway to both Mackay and Undine Cay.  This tour is for those who are a little more adventurous and ready to snorkel and swim amongst all the Reef has to offer.

Sailaway has a focus on the conservation of the marine environment, and as you make your way sailing above the coral gardens of the reef below, a marine biologist will regale you with information about the world you’re about to see up close. Sailaway also have exclusive access to these cays, and with a focus on small tour groups, this is truly a luxurious experience that you and your loved one will enjoy.

The tour with Sailaway is a full day journey, that includes afternoon tea and coffee using local produce, as well as a tropical buffet for lunch. You’ll also have access to snorkel equipment as well as instructors to make your experience a smooth one. And while you spend your day exploring the waters of the reef, you might even be lucky enough to see giant clams, turtles, and fish in their natural habitat amongst the incredible corals.

If you ask us, there are not many other ways we would spend a day in Tropical North Queensland. You can find out more about these tours here.


Picnic at a Waterfall

Huge mountains nestled in the luscious tropical rainforests of the Wet Tropics, can only mean one thing – waterfalls. The diverse landscape and climate of TNQ makes it the perfect home to hundreds of these natural beauties. Some of these waterfalls are easy to find, and other are a bit more secluded. You could spend days, if not weeks trying to see them all.

But we’re not talking about chasing waterfalls. It’s time for a private picnic for two where you can marvel at the tumbling walls of water while you pass the afternoon with a picnic of the fresh local produce and perhaps some bubbly.


Because besides the incredible scenery and natural attractions in TNQ, another thing this place has going for it is the incredible fresh produce. Pick up some fresh fruit from the local markets, or get some sandwiches from a local café, and start your journey through the incredible flora and fauna until you reach your waterfall of choice.

With waterfalls of varying sizes as well as ease of accessibility, you can choose whether to opt for one of the more well known and very spectacular falls like Millaa Millaa, or you can decide to sweat it out and earn your picnic with a 3km trek to Behana Gorge.

Whichever waterfall you choose, you can be guaranteed beautiful vistas that will set the scene for your romantic afternoon.


Hot Air Balloon at Sunrise

Kick your day off with some high impact romance by taking to the skies before the sun has even come up with a hot air balloon at sunrise.

Flying in a hot air balloon is something that everyone should experience at least once. And with the diverse landscapes and sights to see in TNQ, we couldn’t think of a better place to try this adventure.

Your day will commence with a balloon inflation display, where you can watch the entire fleet of colourful balloons be prepared for the morning’s journey, then once you climb aboard, you’ll lift off and begin to experience the unique sensation of flying in a hot air balloon.

Marvel at the incredible Atherton Tablelands below as you gently float above. And while these views are incredible at any time of the day, as the world is waking up at dawn, the sights you will see are like no other. Watch as the sun emerges from the horizon, spreading its glow and light over the land below.

This is a breathtaking experience with an air of romance that cannot be replicated.  There’s a reason why it has become a popular way for people to propose.

Your early start to the day leaves you with the ability to enjoy the rest of your day exploring the region or relaxing however you wish.

Find out more about the hot air balloon tours you can enjoy here.


A Romantic Escape For Two at the Reef House

This next experience we’re going to talk about is not only a romantic activity for you to partake in with your special someone, but it’s also one of the best places to base yourself for any of these romantic activities we’ve already mentioned.

The Reef House located in the beautiful tranquil seaside village of Palm Cove is a destination that has been made for romance.

A seaside boutique colonial style property, the Reef House offers its visitors a private getaway where you can experience luxurious touches at all turns. When you stay at the plantation style property personalised service makes you feel like you are a part of the family.

Guests can enjoy daily activities like morning yoga classes and mixology classes. Steeped in a rich history, the Reef House offers complimentary poolside sorbet and upholds the nightly tradition of evening drinks at the Brigadier Bar. You can learn more about the history of the Reef House and your fellow guests while you try the famous Brigadier’s punch for yourself.

The accommodation options range from rooms and suites to villas and apartments, each offering you a private oasis for you to enjoy the surrounds and views of the stunning property.

The Reef House Spa on the property is the perfect place to spend time with your partner, with couples’ massages, romance packages, and a variety of treatments available. Relax while you’re being pampered in such a luxurious setting.

And for meals, you can enjoy the spectacular views, and as equally spectacular cuisine onsite at the Reef House Restaurant. With a menu that captures the simple beauty of the local produce, you can enjoy every meal under the canopy of the Melaleuca trees that shelter the restaurant’s deck.

For information on the current offers available at the Reef House, click here.


While no one would blame you for wanting to spend every day of your romantic escape at the Reef House, if you want to experience any of the tours and activities we’ve mentioned in this piece, our in-house luxury concierge Cedric is here to help you plan your time at the Reef House. You can make a phone appointment with Cedric here.

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