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The Reef House: The Home of Relaxation, Revitalisation and Wellness

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Self-care is a term that we hear often, but unfortunately finding the time to practice it doesn’t happen quite anywhere near as often. As our lives become busier and fuller with competing priorities that leave us being pulled in every direction, the time we take for ourselves becomes less, and we can find ourselves struggling in trying to take even that 5-minute break.

But this break for ourselves is what we need to help us take a step back and understand what is important to us.  And while you can try to switch off at home, if you’re going to surrender to self-care, you might as well do this in a place that lives and breathes wellness – and that place is the Reef House.

Located in Palm Cove, a Tropical North Queensland village that is home to those five big Rs that capture the wellness journey – Relaxation, Recuperation, Rejuvenation, Revitalisation and Reinvigoration – the Reef House can be considered the sixth R that completes your wellness journey, because when you leave, you will feel better than you ever have before.

It is a combination of the spoils of its location and the ethos of the Reef House itself that had made it become the home of wellness.

Let’s Talk About Palm Cove

While Tropical North Queensland has arguably some of the most relaxing, picturesque and envy inducing destinations in the world, in fact, this part of Australia is truly full of them, there is something that sets Palm Cove apart.

The moment you lay eyes on this sleepy enclave, a feeling of relaxation instantly sweeps over you.  Perhaps it’s the obvious things, like the palm trees lining the beach, the way the sun’s rays bounce off the Coral Sea that hugs the coastline, and that fresh sea air. Maybe it’s that you’re right in the heart of some of the worlds most beautiful natural wonders. Or perhaps it’s that somehow Palm Cove has this ability to make you feel a million miles away from the real world, all while being easily accessible – only 30 minutes from Cairns airport.

Palm Cove’s old-world charm, the charm of an era long past, is something that could never be lost by this seaside village. The locals know that there is something special about Palm Cove, and they live and breathe upholding this.

Steeped in a rich history, Palm Cove has the ability of making you feel like you’ve entered a hidden world, a place that puts you immediately at ease.  Visitors feel welcomed by this local charm, and soon this special village feels like home to them too.

Where is Palm Cove?

Palm Cove’s location in beautiful Tropical North Queensland ensures that holistically, relaxation and wellness is on offer at every turn. It forms the foundation of life in the town.

This is because Tropical North Queensland is a very unique part of the world.  There is no other place able to compete with its ability to reinvigorate and revitalise in quite the same way, it’s something that naturally exists, and the locals have chosen to harness this and ensure that this feeling lives on.

This energy of wellbeing exists for a number of reasons, but the two that really stand out are the Food and Environment.

You would be hard pressed to find another region in the world that has the ability to provide such a diverse and rich array of produce.  And that’s because the landscape itself is incredibly unique. With the Coral sea in one direction, then in almost every other direction, tropical rainforests where the climate and altitude can differ dramatically from one area to another, the entire region is home to fresh produce that you cannot find anywhere else.

Of course, the things you would expect, tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes and bananas are abundant. Freshly caught prawns, crab and reef fish are just some of your seafood options. But outside of these obvious things you would expect to find in a seaside tropical paradise, there is a still a lot to discover.

The Atherton Tablelands is often referred to as a food bowl of the region and that’s because the nutrient dense land has enabled the growth and production of a huge array of foods. Australia’s oldest coffee producing plantation is at home in the Atherton Tablelands, along with biodynamic farms that produce milk, cheese and yoghurt.

Variety is the spice to life, and that spice is found right here in Tropical North Queensland.

This array of produce exists because the nutrient rich environment is harmonious in its production ability.  But in addition to the ability to grow just about any type of produce, this part of Australia has a natural way of connecting with you.

There is something special about connecting with nature.  Taking the time to explore, observe and immerse yourself in an (almost) untouched world can provide a sense of relaxation that is hard to achieve in any other way.

This is where Palm Cove and Tropical North Queensland cannot be matched by any other location. Tucked into this region, Palm Cove is truly at the heart of two of the world’s greatest natural wonders – the Great Barrier Reef, and the Wet Tropics.

With fauna and flora that is unique to the area, time can be lost as you walk, hike, swim, snorkel, bike, train, fly or drive in the area. Palm Cove’s location allows you to find nature at any turn, and being right at the centre of it all, lends Palm Cove a sense of calm and tranquility that cannot be replicated.

The Reef House for Wellness

When we talk about Palm Cove and old-world charm, there isn’t a place that encapsulates this any better than the Reef House.  The Reef House is a world away from anywhere, a place where you take a step back in time, but still have all of the modern amenities and conveniences you would expect at any hotel.

A colonial plantation style boutique hotel, The Reef House is light and airy, making you feel as if you can breathe deeply, relax your shoulders, and really take in that fresh seaside air. That seaside air is so easily taken in because the Reef House is directly located in front of the beach and Coral Sea.

There is a colonial elegance and casual charm that captures a bygone era, the era in which the Reef House was built.  This bygone era created traditions that are still practiced today and are ones that make your stay feel personalised and personal.

Bespoke touches like poolside sorbet, an honesty bar and the nightly twilight drinks encourage guests to come together and take some time out to get to know each other. The staff work hard to make sure that you feel like family during your time at the Reef House.

This casual charm and relaxed nature of the Reef House is carefully nurtured and maintained and is what enables the Reef House to specialise in rejuvenation and wellness.

The Final Piece of the Wellness Puzzle

The key to truly unlocking your wellness journey is the Reef House spa.  While many hotels boast a spa of their own, very few have one that is a destination in itself.

Tropical North Queensland is the spa capital of Australia, Palm Cove, and more specifically, the Reef House Spa is the true gem of the entire region.

An award-winning spa, the Reef House Spa has been designed to be able to provide treatments that can be tailored to you and your needs. The goal is for you to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, finally having been able to indulge in that self-care.

Isabelle, the Reef House Spa’s Director has used her experience in France to design a treatment and package menu that uses marine skin care products from Phytomer and Waterlily.

Phytomer specialises in marine skincare, and the Reef House Spa is the only spa in Queensland to have access to these products and treatments.

Your intimate and personalised wellness journey can begin with single treatments and rituals, that you can select from the treatment menu.  Or your entire stay at the Reef House can be incorporated into a Wellness Spa Retreat.

Whichever journey you choose, when you leave the spa you will understand why people travel far and wide to experience this luxurious relaxation.

Take Time Out for You

Sometimes taking that me time can be difficult to justify, and it isn’t until you’ve experienced the ritual of self-care that can you see the value. But take our word for it, when you leave the Reef House, and Palm Cove, the ongoing and long-lasting effects of your time here will make you realise just how necessary it is to indulge yourself every now and then.

Take some time, leave your world behind and join us here at the Reef House where we will leave you well-fed, well-rested and full of wellness.


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