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Why Palm Cove is a Great Destination for Solo Travellers

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Planning holidays with others can be complicated. Whether you usually travel with friends, family or a partner, coordinating time off work, trying to find a destination that piques everyone’s interests, and of course factoring in the finances, all play a part in making holiday planning difficult.

Have you ever thought about planning a solo trip? While the idea of travelling solo can be intimidating, many people who have taken the plunge and vacationed alone have had a rewarding and empowering experience.

Besides not having to compromise on where you holiday and what you do, there are many benefits that come with travelling alone. Your trip can be a journey of self-discovery, where you have a chance for self-reflection; you’re likely to be pushed out of your comfort zone (in a good way), while you navigate a new destination; and you have the chance to forge new friendships.

Solo travel has a way of helping to build character and confidence, and you may find that some of the people you meet along the way will become lifelong friends, as you’re not hiding behind the familiarity and comfort of your usual friendship group or partner.

So, whether you’ve never really thought about holidaying alone until now, or you’ve always dreamt of having your own Eat, Pray, Love journey, keep reading to learn about a place that is ideal, inviting, and safe for solo travellers.


About Palm Cove

The destination we’re here to talk about is Palm Cove in Tropical North Queensland.

Located along the Eastern coast of Australia, Palm Cove is a small seaside village, that despite its close proximity to Cairns, one of Queensland’s most popular tourist hubs, somehow feels like you’re far away from the rest of the world.

Relaxed, tranquil, and oh so serene, Palm Cove has a small population that welcomes their guests and makes you feel part of the town from the moment you arrive.

With the Coral Sea lapping at the shoreline, two of the world’s most incredible natural attractions flanking either side of it and an array of activities and adventures waiting for you, Palm Cove is an ideal destination for solo travellers to embark on their journey to self-discovery and an amazing holiday experience.


Why You Should Choose Palm Cove for Your Solo Holiday

Whether it’s your very first solo holiday or you’re an expert at travelling alone, some of the reasons you should choose Palm Cove as your holiday destination, include:


Palm Cove is safe, friendly, and inviting

When you’re travelling alone, whether you’ve done it before or it’s your first time, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to find a place that is welcoming and of course, feels safe.

Palm Cove is one of these places. There is something in the air that somehow amplifies the already friendly and laidback nature of Australians. While the town itself has a small population, around 2000 people, there are a number of hotels and places to stay that attract visitors from all over the world. But there isn’t an endless number of multiplex hotels that can make you feel lost in the crowd.

Palm Cove strikes this perfect balance between locals and visitors. And it somehow does this, despite its proximity to one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions – the Great Barrier Reef.

With Palm Cove still a hidden gem of the tropics, you can engage with both locals and those who have stumbled across this under the radar incredible destination. You’ll feel instantly safe as you discover the restaurants, cafes, spas, boutiques and of course the incredible scenery of this pleasant seaside destination.


Great attractions with a variety of ways to see them

As we mentioned earlier, Palm Cove just so happens to be in the middle of two of the most beautiful and popular natural attractions in Australia – the Wet Tropics rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

Both of these destinations receive millions of visitors each year, with each of them offering countless ways to experience them.

From helicopter flights offering views of the expansive reef system and the rainforest that covers much of the land, to a scenic train rides that winds its way past waterfalls and the diverse landscape up to a village nestled in a rainforest, to meeting the reef’s marine life up close in their natural habitat, to day trips to nearby tropical islands that are immersed in the waters of the Reef.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the Reef or the rainforest, or both, Palm Cove is the ideal base for you, with nearby Cairns and Port Douglas being launching pads for many of the tour operators of the area. And with a huge range of tour options that cater for single travellers, you can meet likeminded folks who are just as keen in discovering these places as you.

Many tour options offer a pickup service from Palm Cove as well, so you can have your pick of the bunch when it comes to the tours, without the hassle of being in a larger city.

There’s no shortage of activities or experiences you can have, and you’re bound to make friends along the way.


You can stay at the inclusive and welcoming Reef House in Palm Cove

It’s undeniable that the Reef House is the most iconic address in Palm Cove, and that’s for good reason.

This adults only boutique colonial style hotel has a long-standing history in Palm Cove. Starting out at the home of a Cairns bookmaker, it evolved into a restaurant with limited accommodation, and then in the 1970s, was acquired by the Brigadier David Thomson, who provided his guests an amazing place to come together and treat the Reef House as if it is their own. During the Brigadier’s time at the helm of the Reef House, many traditions were started, some of which still stand today, and contribute to making the Reef House a great place for solo travellers to stay and feel truly at ease at.

One of these popular traditions is the evening drinks and canapes session. At dusk, as the lanterns are lit around the property, guests are invited to come together to enjoy the Brigadier’s punch. Hosted by the Reef House’s General manager, these evening gatherings are to encourage a sense of community and allow guests to get to know each other.

In addition to traditions, what else makes the Reef House an ideal destination for solo travellers? Well, it’s combination of things really. From the 5-star facilities to the thoughtful touches of the highly personalised services. Some of these include:

  • Beachfront Location

The Reef House is situated right on the beachfront and only a short walk from Palm Cove’s main shopping and restaurant strip – Williams Esplanade. You can easily explore the town and area on foot or even on bike, of which you can borrow from the Reef House.

The palm tree lined beachfront location also offers incredible vistas and an unbeatable soundtrack at all times. You can watch the sun rise or set as the colours of sun’s ray playfully bounce off the Coral Sea, all while the water laps gently at the shore.

It really doesn’t get more tranquil than that.

  • Everything you need is in the one place

The Reef House’s variety of facilities means that you could get away with never leaving the property and you’ll have everything you need.

You can eat like a king each day at the onsite Reef House restaurant which offers its own modern Australian twist on the local produce of the region.

You can relax and rejuvenate at the award-winning Reef House Day Spa with treatments that are exclusive to the Reef House.

You can spend your days lazing by the pool and enjoying another signature tradition of the Reef House, the afternoon sorbet – a habit you may find hard to break when you do eventually head home.

The accommodation itself offers you a private retreat that can be your oasis, whether you’ve spent your time out and about in Palm Cove or enjoying the facilities of the Reef House, you can retreat to your accommodation and relax in the comfort and style of your room, suite, villa, or apartment.

  • You’ll be entertained

Along with incredible facilities, at the Reef House, there is no chance of ever having nothing to do – unless that’s what you want.

The Reef House has curated an activities schedule, in addition to the traditions we’ve already mentioned, that give you an opportunity to try new things and meet fellow guests.

Between beachfront yoga to start your morning, aqua aerobics to get your blood pumping, mindfulness sessions to take some time out for yourself and cocktail mixology classes to of course, learn something new, there is so much to keep you entertained.

You can also take advantage of the numerous tropical escapes packages that have been developed to set you on a path of relaxation and revitalisation. From one-night mini escapes to 7-night indulgent retreats, you can enjoy the many luxurious facilities in your own piece of paradise.

A package perfect for the solo traveller is the 4 Night Wellness Spa Retreat, where you can enjoy 3 days of immersive Phytomer Spa treatments at the Reef House Day Spa, as well as a delectable 3 course dinner at the Reef House Restaurant under the Melaleucas and numerous other inclusions and indulgences.

You can also work with the friendly Reef House staff to curate your ideal tropical escape. Plan ahead with our escape planner, or you can work with the onsite Luxury Concierge to plan tours and activities any time during your stay.


The Reef House has aimed to create an inclusive environment. One where adults can feel safe and comfortable to enjoy everything the Reef House, Palm Cove and the Tropical north Queensland region has to offer.

If you’re ready for a holiday but don’t have anyone to go with, take the plunge and plan a solo visit to the Reef House in Palm Cove – you won’t regret it.

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