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The iconic and award winning Reef House Spa offers a beautifully appointed seaside escape, where each element and experience is an intimate journey offering an enchanting Spa Wellness sojourn.

Our stunning treatments are designed for intense relaxation, rejuvenation and general wellbeing, and last but not least giving you the simple enjoyment of being nurtured by a caring therapist.

Professional Spa Therapists

We are an exclusive spa with a small team of experienced therapists where nothing is impossible when it comes to your care and making your experience unique.

Professionally Exclusive
Spa Collection

Waterlily is an Australian Spa Collection formulated exclusively for Exquisite Day Spas and Leading Salons using the purest Aromaceuticals and Phytonutrients to create a performance driven sensory journey.

YOU COULD SAY WE ARE YOUR DREAM SPA ... we invite you to escape, enrich, enlighten.


SIGNATURE SPA RITUAL | 120 mins $290

The ultimate sensory journey entwining rejuvenation with relaxation for complete spa indulgence. Catering to him and her, we tailor this experience to suit your sensory preferences.

Begin with a full body exfoliation massage steeped in an aromatic infusion of organic cane sugar, molten nut butters and cold pressed oils. Once removed, surrender to a full body hydration massage enriched with this season’s botanical harvest to replenish and deeply hydrate.

Skin is then treated to the seasonal botanical spa facial, which includes a hydrating double cleanse, deep clay exfoliation, vitamin enriched emulsion massage and performance contour masque infused with 500mg of pure C. Face, eyes and lips are then finished with hydration.

Pure botanical indulgence from head to toe!

Botanical Body Exfoliation

Full Body Hydration Massage

Orange Creme Hair Treatment Massage

Seasonal Botanical Spa Facial


breathe in peace, breathe out love

Melt into rituals rich in vitamins and botanical nutrients to nourish, hydrate and revitalise mind, body and soul. Our beautifully appointed Spa Journeys have been thoughtfully created to induce deep relaxation for the ultimate escape.

REEF HOUSE ROMANCE | 120 mins $260

Wellness Massage | Seasonal Spa Facial | Scalp Massage

Close your eyes and fall in love as your romance begins with a full body massage using warm aromatic oils that leave soothing trails of relief. This indulgent ritual then continues with a refining facial treatment rich in exotic fruit extracts, vitamin infusions and a clay butter masque before closing with a tension dissolving scalp massage.

BOTANICAL BLISS | 180 mins $390

Body Exfoliation & Body Wrap | Orange Crème Hair Treatment | Vichy Shower | Massage | Spa Facial

Drift into dreamtime with this exquisite ceremony of pampering. Begin with a walnut and papaya exfoliation massage, followed by a nourishing clay cocoon infused
with vanilla bean, hazelnut, honey and molten cocoa
butter. Surrender to an indulgent hair and scalp massage and masque layered with blackberry, jojoba and crushed citrus. Once removed, the body is finished with a moisture locking hydration massage layered in molten nut butters and aromatic oils before this exquisite journey is completed with a spa facial drenched in vitamins and omega rich infusions.

OCEAN PURE RITUAL | 120 mins $280

Body Exfoliation | Body Wrap | Pressure Point Facial Massage | Vichy Shower | Drainage Massage

This highly effective slimming and detoxifying ritual commences with an invigorating and cleansing marine exfoliation, before skin is layered and wrapped in a blue volcanic clay masque drenched in the purifying properties
of spirulina and kelp. Whilst cocooned, a pressure point
facial massage releases tension and tightness in the face
and finally, a decongesting body massage infused with pink grapefruit, French cypress and lemon leaves you feeling light, healthy and refreshed.

TROPICAL LULLABY | 90 mins $210

Body Exfoliation & Body Wrap | Facial Cleanse, Masque & Serum | Hydration Body Massage

Surrender into an artisan inspired ritual for healing, rest and rejuvenation. Begin with a smoothing crème clay exfoliation massage, followed by a rich French clay cocoon mousse steeped in vitamins, precious oils and exquisite botanical extracts. Whilst the clay is infusing, the face is treated to an antioxidant hydration treatment and once unwrapped, the body is complete with a molten nut butter massage.

TIME OUT TONIC | 90 mins $195

Hot Stone Back Massage | Express Refresh Facial | Scalp Treatment | Foot Massage

Look younger and feel better with this combined therapy offering a deeply warming stress release back massage, a vitamin infused express refresh spa facial, a citrus infused scalp therapy and gingko spearmint foot treatment, making this a favorite with many of our male guests. Leave relaxed and restored.

REFRESH RETREAT | 90 mins $210

Express Refresh Facial |
Mini Manicure | Mini Pedicure | Eye Treatment

This restorative ritual begins with
a mini pedicure, which includes
a cleansing foot exfoliation and massage infusing botanicals of gingko, pineapple and mint. Hands and nails are tidied, smoothed and hydrated with an infusion of raspberry, rose and pink French clay crème. Before the face and eyes are treated to a hydrating antioxidant rich facial and a vitamin drenched eye masque. This is a perfect synergy of therapies to tidy up and refresh face, hands and feet. Clear nail polish is included.


beauty is the illumination of your soul

Our Professionally Exclusive Spa Facials by Waterlily are formulated harnessing pure aromaceutical concentrates with premium dilutions of active botanicals, vitamins and omega rich infusions to deliver a sensory spa ritual that promises visible results.


Anti-ageing | Hydrating | Rejuvenating | Mature | Dry | Sensitive Skin Types

This ultimate anti-ageing treatment offers an infusion of precious omega serums, collagen and opulent essential oils to deeply rejuvenate, replenish and renew. Exquisite essential oils of rose balsam, crushed nut butters and anti-ageing vitamins deliver the ultimate hydration treatment.


Clarifying | Rebalancing | Corrective for Oily | Acne | Congested | Problematic Skin

Detoxify and rebalance congested skin with a boost of nutrient rich marine and herbal infusions, clarifying essential oils and healing vitamins. This is the ultimate treatment to promote a clear and con dent complexion while maintaining hydration.


Firming | Brightening | Hydrating for All Skin Types

Refresh and hydrate any skin type with fresh seasonal ingredients, omega oils, vitamin A and pure essential oil concentrates. Once infused, a performance contour masque steeped in active botanicals and pure vitamin C effectively transforms the skin.


Revitalising | Cleansing | Hydrating | Replenishing for All Skin Types

A cleansing facial designed to offer a ‘quick pick me up’ to brighten, nourish and revitalise the complexion using a selection of nourishing oils, fruit extracts, replenishing botanicals, French clay and an aromatic infusion of essential oils.


Add another element of hydration within your facial:

Anti-ageing Eye Treatment | $35

Deep Conditioning Hair Masque | $25


Add an additional 30 minute therapy to your facial:

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage | $65

Foot Zone Massage | $65

Note: All facials and indulgences can be enjoyed as a couple. A 30 minute indulgence can be enjoyed as an add on or solo treatment.


oh the experience of this sweet life

Combine the therapeutic effects of clinical essential oil blends steeped in a skin nourishing infusion of pure plant oils. Skin is replenished, the soul soothed and the body rejuvenated. Surrender to the journey!

DEEP RELEASE MASSAGE | 60/ 75 mins $135 / $165

The very firm and consistent pressure of this deep tissue massage is ideal for sports enthusiasts and anyone with deeply held tension or general muscle tightness. As blood flow is encouraged, metabolic toxins are flushed and athletic performance is improved.

WELLNESS MASSAGE | 60/ 75 mins $135 / $165

This gentle flowing massage offers the gift of nurturing touch, as traditional Swedish techniques and movements safely support the release of stress, tension and fatigue.

MUSCLE MELT MASSAGE | 60/ 75 mins $145 / $175

Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the deeper layers of muscle as warm stones, bathed in oils and held in the palms of your therapist, glide over the body. This deeply soothing experience is wonderful for circulation and the relief of stiff joints and injuries.

BABY BLISS MASSAGE | 60 mins $135

In the safe and caring hands of an experienced therapist, this nurturing massage caters to the needs of expectant mothers for balance, ease and comfort during this special time.

* Not recommended before first trimester


Add an additional 30 minute therapy before or after your massage to enhance your
Spa experience:

Deep Conditioning Hair Masque | $55

Express Refresh Spa Facial | $65

Deluxe Botanical Spa Bath | $55

Vichy Shower Exfoliation | $85

Seaweed Relief Wrap | $65

A warm seaweed wrap is applied to feet and ankles, or hands and wrists, to help relieve swollen and aching joints providing relief from arthritis, decrease in inflammation and aiding in tissue repair.


the purpose of our lives is to be happy

A healthy body and a peaceful mind is the key to a happy life. With the support of specialised practitioners and drawing on healing modalities from around the world, be guided towards true health and happiness.

AROMATIC POULTICE MASSAGE | 60/ 75 mins $175 / $215

Rare and sacred oils are infused into steaming poultices of aromatic herbs and spices, which are applied in a kneading and rolling motion along the body's energy pathways in combination with an oil massage. The nutrient rich comfort of the poultice promotes circulation, balances the nervous system and soothes aches and pains.

MASSAGE | 60/ 75 mins $145 / $175

Drawing on a blend of healing modalities, sink into sublime serenity with this deeply restorative massage. Using potent oils, various massage strokes, and energy balancing techniques this journey will have you floating away on a cloud of calm.

POLYNESIAN MASSAGE | 60/ 75 mins $145 / $175

This style of bodywork as inspired by Lomi Lomi, flows to music, with your therapist moving around the table using hands, forearms and elbows to massage. Wonderful for anyone needing comfort through difficult times as you are safely supported to release stress, depression, exhaustion, confusion and even grief or loss.


glow on your special day

With an extensive menu of services, we can prepare the ideal spa experience for your special day. Enjoy one of the packages below including a complimentary glass of sparkling wine and fresh fruit, or we can customise options for you, your bridal party and guests.


A gentle illuminating treatment to soothe
and calm the skin with light exfoliation lifting massage, ending with a relaxing mask to prepare your skin for make-up. Skin appears flawless and glowing. Includes brow shape and lip wax, eyelash and brow tint. This treatment starts with relaxing back massage.

For one $180
For two or more $165 each


A gentle exfoliation of neck, shoulders, décolleté, arms and hands finished with intense hydration. Includes hand pamper (cuticle and nail treatment, with polish).

For one $145
For two or more $135 each


Full body exfoliation with hydrating body wrap. Your skin will be smooth, soft and beautifully hydrated. Finishes with gentle effleurage caress during
the moisturisation, and includes foot pamper (cuticle and nail treatment, with polish).

For one $185
For two or more $170 each


Botanical nutrients, herbal infusions and pure essential oils deliver a luxurious experience for hands and feet.


Hand Soak | Exfoliation | Cuticles, Nails | Massage | Polish

Replenish beautiful hands and nails with a skin softening hand soak, a raspberry crème smoothing exfoliation and focused fingertip attention, before completing with a nourishing hand massage and nail polish.


Foot Soak | Exfoliation | Cuticles, Nails, Heels | Massage | Polish

Restore tired toes and feet as your soles are welcomed to a bathing ritual and bamboo, pineapple exfoliation, followed by focused attention on nails, cuticles and heels. This decadent treatment finishes with a rich spearmint and gingko foot massage and toenail polish.


Gel Polish is available.


Our team of beauty experts, offer a complete approach to glamour for special occasions and everyday beauty.


Achieve the perfect photo finish with an expert makeup application for a fresh and radiant look.

Consultation (10 mins) | Complimentary

Makeover (30 mins) | $45

Makeover for Special Occasion/Weddings or Other | $95


Our professional therapists take the utmost care to ensure waxing and tinting services are hygienic and comfortable.

Eyebrow Shaping $20

Lip or Chin $15

Facial Area $25

Underarm $20

Half Arm $30

Full Arm $35

Stomach $25

Chest $35

Neck or Shoulder $25

Back - Top or Bottom $35

Half Leg - Top or Bottom $30

Full Leg $45

Bikini Line $35

Bikini Extended/G-String $45

Brazilian - Maintenance $55

Brazilian - First Time $75

Eyelash Tint $20

Eyebrow Tint $15















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