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The Reef House Spa Experience 

Introducing Reef House Day Spa Director, Isabelle Neil...  

Originally from Switzerland, Isabelle was trained in France by the crème de la crème; Clarins, Chanel, Dior & Phytomer, specialising in intensive therapies such as anti-ageing, deep relaxation massage and slimming treatments.   Isabelle was the Managing Director of the first privately owned Christian Dior Spa on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten. Isabelle’s extensive experience has taken her all around the world as a pioneer in providing anti-ageing facial treatments.  In a busy, fast paced world, Isabelle has adapted the traditional spa experience to focus on relaxation, harmony, and a beautiful holistic experience. 

"Our commitment to you is to offer treatments designed for intense relaxation, rejuvenation, general well-being and last but not least the simple enjoyment of being nurtured by a caring therapist.  We are an exclusive spa with a small dedicated team, where nothing is impossible when it comes to your care and making your experience unique".

Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm  *Treatments available outside operation hours on special request in advance.  A surcharge will apply.

Our Exclusive Day Spa Collection

Marine The Reef House Day Spa is the only Day Spa in Queensland to offer Phytomer treatments and product.   Phytomer, 'from the sea to the skin' was created in Saint-Malo, France over 40 years ago and is a true pioneer in marine skin care.  Phytomer uses marine bio-technology that limits environmental impacts to preserve fragile marine ecosystems. The sea is both our main source of inspiration and the partner of our growth. We are committed to cultivating the purest and most powerful elements it contains to reveal beautiful and healthy skin.  The sea works in total affinity with our cells: it contains everything that is essential to the beauty and health of our skin.”  -  Jean Gédouin, Founder of PHYTOMER.

Botanical We also offer the botanical and organic Australian made Waterlily range,  formulated exclusively for Exquisite Day Spas and Leading Salons using the purest Aromaceuticals and Phytonutrients to create a performance driven sensory journey.

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SIGNATURE SPA RITUAL | 120 mins $290  *Botanical 

Botanical Body Exfoliation | Full Body Hydration Massage | Orange Creme Hair Treatment Massage | Seasonal Botanical Spa Facial

The ultimate sensory journey entwining rejuvenation with relaxation for complete spa indulgence. Catering to him and her, we tailor this experience to suit your sensory preferences.

Begin with a full body exfoliation massage steeped in an aromatic infusion of organic cane sugar, molten nut butters and cold pressed oils. Once removed, surrender to a full body hydration massage enriched with this season’s botanical harvest to replenish and deeply hydrate.

Skin is then treated to the seasonal botanical spa facial, which includes a hydrating double cleanse, deep clay exfoliation, vitamin enriched emulsion massage and performance contour masque infused with 500mg of pure C. Face, eyes and lips are then finished with hydration.

OCEAN SPA RITUAL | 120 mins $295  *Marine

Salt Crystal Exfoliation | Full Body Hydration | Sea Breeze Marine Facial 

Sea Salt, Phytomer Oligomer and Red Algae mixed with natural oils provide an exfoliation followed by a full body effleurage using ultra-moisterising body milk.

Skin freshness facial - A de-polluting cleanse from a pure pore heating mask allows for the absorption of a water-in-oil serum that revives tired skin by reducing signs of fatigue, dark circles and puffiness. To finish, a moisturising facial massage using a creamy balm with hydrating, detoxifying and revitalising effect for instantly fresher skin.

Pure marine indulgence from head to toe!


REEF HOUSE ROMANCE | 120 mins $260  

Wellness Massage | Seasonal Spa Facial | Scalp Massage

Close your eyes and fall in love as your romance begins with a full body massage using warm aromatic oils that leave soothing trails of relief. This indulgent ritual then continues with a refining facial treatment rich in exotic fruit extracts, vitamin infusions and a clay butter masque before closing with a tension dissolving scalp massage.

BOTANICAL BLISS | 150 mins $360  *Botanical 

Body Exfoliation & Body Wrap | Orange Crème Hair Treatment | Vichy Shower | Massage | Spa Facial

Drift into dreamtime with this exquisite ceremony of pampering. Begin with a walnut and papaya exfoliation massage, followed by a nourishing clay cocoon infused
with vanilla bean, hazelnut, honey and molten cocoa
butter. Surrender to an indulgent hair and scalp massage and masque layered with blackberry, jojoba and crushed citrus. Once removed, the body is finished with a moisture locking hydration massage layered in molten nut butters and aromatic oils before this exquisite journey is completed with a spa facial drenched in vitamins and omega rich infusions.

OCEAN BREEZE LULLABY | 90 mins $210 *Marine 

Body Exfoliation | Rain Water Shower | Marine Sea Nourishing Cream Massage

Surrender to a Marine Salt Crystals body exfoliation, eliminating dead skin cells and impurities, then a warm shower and your skin is smooth, silky and toned ready for a relaxing massage using nourishing cream rich in marine extracts and trace elements.

TIME OUT TONIC | 90 mins $195  *Botanical 

Hot Stone Back Massage | Express Refresh Facial | Scalp Treatment | Foot Massage

Look younger and feel better with this combined therapy offering a deeply warming stress release back massage, a vitamin infused express refresh spa facial, a citrus infused scalp therapy and gingko spearmint foot treatment, making this a favorite with many of our male guests. Leave relaxed and restored.

OCEAN WAVE RITUAL | 90 mins $280  *Marine 

Marine Extract Body Exfoliation | Seaweed Wrap | Sea Breeze Marine Facial | Vichy Shower | Drainage Massage 

This deep cleansing ritual commences with our Satin Shimmer full body exfoliation with shower rinse, then wrapped in a seaweed clay to gently start the detoxificaiton.  While relaxing in this warm cocoon enjoy a Sea Breeze facial with massage to release tension and tightness in the face.  After an invigorating Vichy shower you are ready for a decongestant body massage. 



Ultimate relaxation therapy using Marine Bolus | Face | Body Exfoliate & Ultra Moisturising

An ultra-relaxing treatment with light strokes, pressure and stretching, this original body massage uses Eastern-inspired marine boluses to eliminate tension knots and restore balance to the body. The gentle warmth and aromatic scent of Sea Lavender and Sea Salts releases steam that is absorbed by the skin and inhaled…. a full body exfoliation using sea salt crystals and a radiance boosting facial treatment bring back natural luminosity and softness. The ultimate in letting go...



High Performance Facial | Face | Lips | Decollete

Beyond the frontiers of traditional skincare, this exceptional treatment guarantees instant results in terms of the skin's youthfulness and luminosity, thanks to three major innovations.   The Pioneer Treatment promotes an intense letting go, including a specific massage which is original, particularly enveloping and brings deep relaxation.  This treatment concerns all those who are looking for the combination of high performance and well-being for visible youth effectiveness after the 1st treatment.

*EPS XMF, and exceptional biotechnological ingredient that immediately smooths wrinkles and densifies the skin mattress.

*VMR FINAL SKIN REFINER, an unprecedented 'top coat' used at the end of the treatment over the cream for radiance-boosting effect and prolonged results.

*PRO-YOUTH MASSAGE, an exclusive manual technique developed with an osteopath to combat visible wrinkles and skin slackening.

DOUCEUR MARINE FACIAL | 60 mins  $145  *Marine 

Comforting  | Soothing |Sensitive skin Types

Marine Immersion phase: A relaxing back massage & detoxification.  Self-Heating marine mud is applied along the Spinal column (this will draw out the toxins and prepares skin for better absorption of products).  Followed by a gentle exfoliation of the face and a soothing Serum is applied followed with a stimulating face massage.   Application of a perfecting gel & face mask to the face with a relaxing arm massage. Marine mud is removed from the back and to finish a Douceur Marine Soothing Cream is applied.

YOUTH ELIXIR SPA FACIAL | 75 mins $165  *Botanical 

Anti-ageing | Hydrating | Rejuvenating | Mature | Dry | Sensitive Skin Types

This ultimate anti-ageing treatment offers an infusion of precious omega serums, collagen and opulent essential oils to deeply rejuvenate, replenish and renew. Exquisite essential oils of rose balsam, crushed nut butters and anti-ageing vitamins deliver the ultimate hydration treatment.

PURIFYING PHYTO FACIAL | 75 mins $175  *Marine/Botanical 

Clarifying | Rebalancing | Corrective for Oily | Acne | Congested | Problematic Skin

Detoxify and rebalance congested skin with a boost of nutrient rich marine and herbal infusions, clarifying essential oils and healing vitamins. This is the ultimate treatment to promote a clear and con dent complexion while maintaining hydration.

SEASONAL BOTANICAL SPA FACIAL | 60 mins $150  *Botanical 

Firming | Brightening | Hydrating for All Skin Types

Refresh and hydrate any skin type with fresh seasonal ingredients, omega oils, vitamin A and pure essential oil concentrates. Once infused, a performance contour masque steeped in active botanicals and pure vitamin C effectively transforms the skin.

SEA BREEZE FACIAL | 60 mins $145  *Marine 

Skin Freshness Mask | Intense Hydration | Radiant Complexion

Unwind and relax with marine immersion phase, then a targeted serum is combined with a creamy balm skin freshness massage mask to detoxify and revive tired skin and restore radiance.  The skin is intensely hydrated and signs of fatigue are erased.. complexion is more even and regains it's freshness.


OLIGOMER* HOLISTIC MASSAGE | 60 mins $145  *Marine

Re-energizing body massage using special techniques targeting muscle groups to restore harmony and fluid movement of the body. Professional manoeuvres complete your relaxation with an invigorating, energy-releasing effect.  *Oligomer is a natural composition of sea water altered to match our blood plasma concentration.


Oligomer deluxe Spa Bath | $55

Seaweed Relief Wrap | $65

A warm seaweed wrap is applied to feet & ankles OR hands & wrists, to help relieve swollen and aching joints. Providing relief from arthritis, decreasing inflammation and aiding tissue repair. 

Add on before or after your massage to enhance your Spa experience.

WELLNESS MASSAGE | 60 or 75 mins $135 / $165  *Botanical

This gentle flowing classic massage offers the gift of a nurturing touch, as traditional Swedish techniques and movements safely trigger the release of stress, tension and fatigue.  Long gliding strokes increase blood circulation, easing tension in the body's muscles and improving their Flexibility. As blood flow is encouraged, metabolic toxins are flushed, soothing the nerves, reducing both emotional and physical stress.

POLYNESIAN MASSAGE | 60 or 75 mins $145 / $175  *Botanical

This style of treatment (as inspired by Lomi Lomi) flows to music, with your therapist moving around the table using hands, forearms and elbows to massage.  Wonderful for  anyone needing comfort through difficult times as you are safely supported to release stress, depression, exhaustion, confusion and even grief or loss.

PERSONALISED HEALING MASSAGE | 60 or 75 mins $145 / $175  *Botanical

Drawing on a blend of healing modalities, sink into sublime serenity with this deeply restorative massage.   Using potent oils, various massage strokes and energy balancing techniques this journey will have you floating away on a cloud of calm.

MUSCLE MELT MASSAGE | 60 or 75 mins $145 / $175  *Botanical 

Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the deeper layers of muscle as warm stones, bathed in oils and held in the palms of your therapist, glide over the body. This deeply soothing experience is wonderful for circulation and the relief of stiff joints and injuries.

BABY BLISS MASSAGE | 60 mins $145  *Botanical 

In the safe and caring hands of an experienced therapist, this nurturing massage caters to the needs of expectant mothers for balance, ease and comfort during this special time.

* Not recommended before first trimester



Botanical nutrients, herbal infusions and pure essential oils deliver a luxurious experience for hands and feet.


Our professional therapists take the utmost care to ensure waxing and tinting services are hygienic and comfortable.

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