Why Holiday in Palm Cove?

Tourism in Palm Cove – relaxed atmosphere in prime location

Tropical far north Queensland is a popular Australian tourist destination, with a host of locations available to visit and enjoy.

What sets Palm Cove apart from the rest is its ability to be perfectly positioned amongst some of the region’s biggest tourist hotspots whilst maintaining a secluded and relaxing atmosphere. It’s an unspoilt paradise that has all the tropical allures of Cairns and Port Douglas without the ever present crowds.

Holidays in Palm Cove are the epitome of luxury and relaxation – think Cairns and Port Douglas before they became the boom towns of far north Queensland.

Palm Cove tourist information

Temperatures (in Degrees Celsius)

  • Spring/Summer (September – March)
    • Daytime: 31
    • Evening: 28
  • Autumn/Winter (April – August)
    • o Daytime: 28
    • o Evening: 21

Seawater Temperatures (in Degrees Celsius)
Average: 26

  • Summer
    • Min. 23 to Max. 31
  • Autumn
    • Min. 19 to Max. 30
  • Winter
    • Min. 16 to Max. 27
  • Spring
    • Min. 18 to Max. 30

Drive Times

  • Cairns Airport to Palm Cove: 20 minutes/26km
  • Palm Cove to Cairns: 30 minutes/27 km
  • Palm Cove to Port Douglas: 45 minutes/43 km

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