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Retreating at the Reef House

Retreating at the Reef House

Retreating at the Reef House

With the pace of life getting ever faster - leaving little time to pause, it’s becoming increasingly important that our holidays deliver a good dose of rest and recovery.

Many of our guests report that they feel ‘burn out’ and well overdue for a good rest upon check-in. If that’s you, then keep on reading, as we want to share some ways that you can make your time at The Reef House your most recuperative holiday yet. 

To start with, The Reef House is ideally positioned to capture natures very own remedies – fresh sea breezes, sunshine, water and sand. And then there’s the resorts facilities, schedule of activities and spa therapies that allow you to create your very own health retreat, whilst still allowing yourself some personal indulgences, like that glass of wine with dinner.  

Here below are a few things you can do to recover and rejuvenate while staying with us. 

Greet The Sun 

Expose yourself to the morning light as this helps the brain to work better and improves cognition, mood and vitality. It also stimulates serotonin, our feel good hormone, prevents depression, regulates the nervous system and sets us up for a good nights sleep. 

Walk The Earth 

Slip off your shoes and get to the beach! The surface of the earth is ‘alive’ with free electrons – it’s like a battery for the body. When your body absorbs the energy of the ground, chronic inflammation, pain and stress is reduces and sleep and vitality is improved. 

Dose Up On Vitamin D 

We all need Vitamin D, which we absorb via sun exposure. Vitamin D fights infections, colds and flu, plus it’s a key ingredient to reducing hypertension, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer and other chronic ailments. Just 15 minutes by the pool will do the trick. 


Fresh sea breezes are synonymous with Palm Cove, so take the opportunity to breathe deeply. Breathing improves circulation, relaxes the nervous system, calms the mind, increases intuition and creativity and improves the respiratory system and digestion. 


There are countless opportunities to exercise while staying at The Reef House. Hop on one of our bikes, join an aqua fitness class in our pool, visit the fitness centre, enjoy a stretch or yoga class, walk or run along the beach, go on a hike or speak to us for lots of other ideas. Moving the body has numerous physical and mental health benefits.   

Sweat It Out 

If the tropical climate in Palm Cove doesn’t already induce a sweat, then a little bit of movement surely will. Sweating purges toxins via our skin, it strengthens our immune system, promotes healthy skin and effectively combats viruses. For a great boost to your mood and circulation, add a cold shower and experience the feeling of alive. 

Drink Water 

We need at least 2 litres of water every day, so keep a bottle of water handy or visit the Brigadiers Bar regularly where we have fruit infused water at your service every day. Water detoxifies the body, improves bowel function and is crucial to every cell in your body. 

Eat Well 

Choose meals from our delicious wellness menu. Catering to your taste buds and best cellular health, our menu serves up fresh, seasonal wholefoods that are nutritious and satisfying. Avoid or reduce; gluten, dairy, sugar, red meat, alcohol, caffeine and fried foods. 

Establish A Routine 

The body loves routine – waking, moving, eating, resting and sleeping in a regular daily cycle is very comforting to the mind and the body. So use this time to put yourself first and honour a daily rhythm of healthy activities and practices. 

Rest Deeply 

Go to bed by 10pm and luxuriate in the top quality mattresses provided for the ultimate night’s sleep at The Reef House. In addition to this, we offer a weekly guided relaxation class and deeply restorative spa therapies that completely rejuvenate mind, body and soul. 

We trust that your stay with us inspires ongoing self-care and rejuvenates from the inside out. 

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